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Bow Making 101

Years ago, I had to figure out a way to make a lot of bows quickly, using the same amount of ribbon and easy enough for a 9 year old girl to master because my daughter Amy wanted to help.  This is how we managed to satisfy everything.





DSC_0177 (3)

A magazine, Better Homes & Garden is the one I used here.  Covered wire, kitchen shears, and a roll of good quality ribbon.


DSC_0180 (2)

Place the end of the ribbon at the top of the magazine and wind it around the length of the magazine 7 times, ending up at the bottom of the magazine.  Grab the middle of the ribbon and pull it off the magazine.  


DSC_0188 (2)_copy

Gently, but firmly, wrap the covered wire around the middle of the ribbon and pull tight.  Open up each set of loops, pulling the loops out of the middle first.  Gently, but firmly, pull each loop away from the middle, and twist them into position.  Once the first set of loops is open, start on the other set.  


DSC_0190 (3)


DSC_0192 (2)_copy


Once you have spread both sets of loops, fluff and you're done!  Use this bow for wreaths, swags, and packages.  


Porch Pot Reindeer

Want to create a cute reindeer you can add to a pot near your front door, use  on a Christmas tree and have some fun with your kids?  Check out this project.

Supplies:  1 large pine cone, 1- 3/8" dowel ( I used one 36" long, because I am using the reindeer in a tall urn), 3--19" white crazy stems (19" long, fat chenille stems), 1--64" length of rustic wire, cut into 4 equal pieces (heavy duty wire covered with twine), 1 small red pompom, 2 beads for eyes, 1--32" length of ribbon, and glue.

Tools: wire cutters, glue (If you plan to use your reindeer outside, use skillet glue, if you are planning to use it indoors, you can use most any heavy-bodied adhesive (avoid thin adhesives such as super glue.)

 1.  Lay the pine cone on its side.  Drill a hole in the bottom of one of the long sides, near the middle.

 2.  Glue the dowel into the hole you've just made.

 3.  Lift pine cone on dowel and begin placing the red pompom as the nose and the beads for eyes and glue them into position.

 4.  Using wire cutters, cut the rustic wire into 4 equal pieces.  Twist two pieces several times at the bottom and spread the tops out to form two branching antlers.  Glue into place.  

5.  Cut one of the white crazy stems into two pieces and wind each piece on a flat surface to form two small fuzzy circles.  These are the earmuffs.  Glue them to the pine cone, placing them just below the antlers.  

6.  Wrap the last crazy stem around the dowel just below the bottom of the pine cone to form his collar.  

7.  Glue the inside, back of the ribbon to the dowel and tie the ribbon just below the collar into a bow.




7 Easy Steps to a Beautifully Decorated Christmas Tree

Want to make decorating your Christmas tree easier?  Follow these 7 steps. (And if you are decorating a real Christmas tree, first re-cut the stump and put the tree in water as soon as possible.)


1.  Start from the top.  Put the tree topper on first.  You miss the dramatic moment, awkwardly leaning into a fully decorated tree, trying to place the star or angel on top, but the smarter move is to put the topper on first.


2.  Put on the lights.  Use lights that produce the least heat.  Test them to ensure they all work.  Mentally divide the tree into vertical sections and starting from the top, wind lights along branches--moving from the top--down.  Don't wind lights around and around the tree.  It takes too much time.  If you wind lights around the trunk of the Christmas tree, use relatively short light strings--less tangling.


3.  Add ornaments to the interior of the tree.  These can be lighted or not.  I tend to put larger ornaments or mesh in these places.  (This tip is especially useful if your tree has a gap you wish to fill.)


4.  If you use garland or ribbon, add it next.  


5.  Put on the ornaments you wish to showcase.  I place biggest ones first and then smaller.  When you decorate, remember you can hang ornaments from the bottom of a branch, as well as, clip them to the top--of the same branch.  For important/expensive ornaments, tie them on.  Ornament hooks will work if you are able to crimp both ends or tie them on with narrow ribbons.  These will help secure them to the tree in case it is jostled.  Remember to decorate so that the added weight is evenly distributed around the tree.  Too many decorations in one area can cause the tree to fall.  For extra insurance, you can secure your tree to a wall.  Removable hooks that don't harm the wall surface and fishing line work great.


6.  If you use pics, add them now.  They add another dimension to the tree.


7.  Add tinsel, glitter, snow, etc., if you like--last.




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