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Tree Care Tips

Red and Coni Fir want to remind you of the 4C’s of Christmas trees. Follow these simple rules to keep your tree beautiful throughout the holiday season.

The first "C"—

CHOOSE the location carefully.

Before you leave home, decide where your tree will go. Keep it away from heat sourcesfire—places and heat registers are obvious, but even a hot window can shorten the life of your tree. And don't forget to measure. Trees look smaller in the field than they do in your home.

The second "C"—

CHOOSE a fresh tree.

Gently grasp a branch and slowly pull your hand toward you. The needles should stay on the tree. Cut your tree yourself and you'll know it's fresh!

The third "C"—

CHOOSE a proper stand.

Make sure it will hold the tree--and at least one gallon of water.  Check it frequently, filling it with fresh water so that the bottom of the stump is always covered.

The fourth "C"—

CUT the stump again.

A tree will begin to seal the stump within minutes of cutting. This hardening sap impedes and sometimes even prevents the flow of water up into the trunk.  So before you put your tree into the stand, cut the stump again. 

All of us at Revak Nursery join Red and Coni in wishing you a Merry Christmas!


Photosynthesis is the process in which plants change carbon dioxide and water (in the presence of sunlight) into food. As a result of this process, oxygen and water vapor are released into the atmosphere.

Like other green plants, Christmas trees produce their food using the process of photosynthesis. It occurs in tiny openings in their needles, which are their leaves. Carbon dioxide enters these tiny holes, mixes with water droplets that have traveled from the roots, and if sunlight is present, photosynthesis occurs. The tree produces carbohydrates (food) and oxygen and water vapor are released.

Environmental Benefits

  • A greenhouse gas—carbon dioxide—is removed from the atmosphere
  • Trees provide homes and nourishment for wildlife
  • Wind and water erosion is prevented

Do you believe that planting a tree for Earth Day and Arbor Day is a good thing?

There are hundreds of millions of Christmas trees growing in farms across the country. Every one of them is taking carbon dioxide out of our atmosphere and releasing oxygen for us to breathe. And when each is harvested, the farmer replants 2-3 new trees. Christmas trees are good for the environment—they are good for us.
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